Thursday, September 19, 2013

Football Squares - Introduction

This is a series of posts on the statistics, mathematics of Football Squares, also called Super Bowl Squares, with an emphasis on a strategy that can be used when playing this game. In these posts, we will talk about the probability or odds for different outcomes depending on this strategy. There is quite a bit to read as these posts were developed as the analysis progressed - the final post will be a short and sweet summary. You might want to jump to it now (short final summary).

Football Squares is a game that features a 10 x 10 grid of squares. Into each square, players enter their name. In principle, 100 different players could each find a vacant square. In practice, people are often able to enter multiple squares - typically between one and some modest number like five squares. After the grid is completed, Football Squares is then associated with a football game - most often the Super Bowl - where squares become winning squares depending on the score throughout the game. There are many variations and I describe one variation as to how the game is played.